You have quite a few location options for your photo sessions in Fort Lauderdale, most say the beach is an ideal place to begin. Although, I imagine you could be like me…looking for something noteworthy. I teamed up with local beauty guru & hair stylist Raqual Rose, to see what we could capture in Victoria Park for a quick portrait session…she was my model for this experiment.

Quaint Victoria Park is an upscale residential area reminiscent of Old Florida, with new modern luxury homes and traditional houses. Picture this, Alys Beach meeting for cocktails with southern corner style all American homes.

On a typical day in the neighborhood of Victoria Park, you will find happy puppies running alongside their jogging pals, moms pushing baby carriages, trails, tennis courts, and bikers riding in the sunshine. It’s actually no secret that this treasure lies in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, still, Victoria Park remains just enough off the beaten path to keep its tranquility. The nostalgic nature and gentrification of the neighborhood are reminiscent of my home town…New Orleans (but Fort Lauderdale is cleaner).

Raqual Rose

This is one of the first photos of the day we captured. It’s important to note that the neighboorhood is quiet enough that Raqual was able to sit in the middle of the street for us to capture this. Side streets in Victoria Park provide a peaceful environment for the person in front of the camera to relax. This is great if you’re nervous about your session and just in general. Frequent onlookers in a busy location can be distracting and difficult to work around.

Victoria Park is well groomed. Lots of clean backdrops decorating the neighborhood bring the all American dream to life. It’s not Pleasantville or the Truman Show, but you can be sure to spot several white picket fences in Victoria Park.

Lastly, there are lots of flowers around and colorful plants. My favorite thing about this location is all the palm trees! I could continue, but I’ve made it clear. Victoria Park is the gem of Fort Lauderdale. Take a look around, be respectful, keep the city clean, but enjoy the beauty that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Below are more photos we captured!

Thanks for tuning into my photo tips! I’m Katie, and that’s all folks!



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