I started Vivid Dream Photography 5 years ago, & shortly after went into Wedding & Portrait Photography full time. I am an ENFP, which makes me an extremely adventurous photographer. It is important to me that my clients have fun on their memorable day… I am very good at making anyone and everyone comfortable in front of the camera. 

My favorite past time is making goofy Instastories and snapchat videos. When I’m not having a blast photographing clients, you can catch me with friends, traveling, or quoting The Office .“- Katie



Tahjah has been photographing weddings over the last 10 years and she has been working with me for 5 of those. Weekly you can catch her snapping an indoor lifestyle family session or practicing calligraphy. She loves coffee  & playing the violin.

My personality type is an INFJ – which makes up only 1% of the world.  I attribute my unique way of seeing the world to my very empathic personality type. I am a romantic, equally left & right brained (logical+creative), & have a thing about interpreting people’s stories.“- Tahjah



I have worked alongside Chris the past 3 years, yet he has been shooting weddings over the past 5 years. Chris is passionate about storytelling through photography, video, and graphics. You’ll always catch him wearing a hat, and fancy leather shoes.

Life is beautiful, Love is beautiful, You are beautiful. So let’s make something that’ll show everyone just how beautiful it all is.” -Chris



The past 3 years I have had the pleasure of working with Audrey. She was my first intern, & has had a successful career as a commercial photographer since her journey first began. Weekly you can catch her at Caneland Distilling Co. photographing mixology, cocktails, & everything in between. She is the girl who loves food so much she decided to photograph it….

My ideal date is a candle light dinner with dinosaur chicken nuggets and a side of macaroni.“- Audrey