A Letter to my wild clients

This is a letter to my clients. Specifically the wild ones.

The one’s who lay on their back, on floor, in their wedding dress because they trust me.

The ones who walk backwards holding hands because I asked you to.

The ones who will walk 12 flights of stairs because you know the shot is going to be epic.

The ones who drink margaritas with me and then convince me to climb a ladder on the side of a building to reach a rooftop even though I’m petrified of heights…..

The ones who know what they want, and who have decided I’m their photographer before they’ve had the chance to meet me.

The ones who crash a private party with me in the french quarter, and when they ask what our last name is WE TELL THEM JOHNSON.

YOU have made life a little more sweet, a little more fun, and a whole lot more worth while. You are why I got started in this, and you are why I will never quit. I don’t forget our stories…infact I never will because we took photos. You will do anything for the shot, and so will I. That’s why we make a great team.

I raise my coffee to you, with a little bit of jameson poured in.

Thanks for being wild.







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