SO your in #30a again. Your walking up and down the streets, and if you squint hard enough….you feel like your in Greece. It’s no surprise that with every great trip, you also need great beverages to accompany those sun tan lines ;D The plus with this drink is there is overgrown Rosemary everywhere….walk down any ally and pluck a small branch of rosemary to make this drink come to life! It’s refreshing and not overly sweet.

Now I’m from Baton Rouge Louisiana, so I brought a little something with me to make a wonderful mash up of all things southern. The vodka featured in this Drink is Caneland Shindig Vodka. The deets on this slammin’ liquer? It’s made from locally grown Louisiana sugar cane. HEYO!

Here are the deets to make two servings:

Shake it all up! Pour over Ice, and Put more Rosemary and Lemon Wedges for garnish!

Enjoy. <3




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