I am Katie Barnett

Why Don't I follow trends?

Overly stylized images become outdated quickly…. believe me the trends change constantly. Although, if it’s timeless you can cherish it forever. My images are artistic in nature, intimate, and aim to be cinematic in nature. I approach each and every wedding and portrait session uniquely to the day. I edit to skin tone, what suits my client best, and is most flattering.

Who am I outside of work?

I am a spontaneous old soul (Grandma alert)! I have traveled over 18 countries, love playing music, and I am a dare devil when it comes to tasting exotic foods! Meeting new people is important to me to keep life, business, + relationships fresh. I was raised in South Louisiana….so that means football, lots of laughter, and treating people like I’ve known them my whole life. Enough about me…what about you?

What can I expect when I work with you?

I am an ENFP! That means I enjoy working with clients who have the ability to let go and have a little fun. I have been known to bring a bottle of wine prior to our session if you are nervous, just let me know. Making sure my clients enjoy their session + being effortlessly photographed is my main goal.