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Hi! This is only my second time at a bridal show. So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious(lol if you know). On a serious note I’d say it went pretty well.  It seems you can learn ALOT  just by putting yourself out there. The first time I did a Bridal show, I crashed and burned. Not that I was unprepared, but I was rather clueless & I don’t feel that my booth reflected my company well. Did I get weddings from it? Yes. Probably just from the sheer number of people that came through that event…THAT SHOW WAS MASSIVE. Yet, had I done it properly I could’ve gotten more. I’m just going to give you some of the advice I have learned in the short period I have done this. So here we go!

First things first, if your going to go through the effort of doing a bridal show, there is a good chance you are paying a pretty penny to do so. That being said you MAY as well do it correctly the first time. Go big or go home right? YAS.

  1. Represent YOUR BRAND WELL. Your set up should also reflect your photography style. So my set up looked, flowery, artistic, and BOLD. Your set up may be more classic, clean, and chic! Both are great, it just needs to be consistent with your brand.
  2. Bring a Team. Don’t go alone. Your voice will be gone by the end of the night if you do. Sometimes there are three different brides, OR TEN brides at the booth at once. I don’t know about you, but there is only ONE of me. Sure I can talk alot, but I can’t be in 10 conversations at once. If you take anything away from this, please, don’t fly solo!
  3. Offer them something by having a contest to win free engagements or bridals! PS they have to fill out a form with name/email/number so if they don’t win, you can still follow up with them to make sure their photography needs are taken care of! How sweet of you…..
  4. Be Unique. There is only one of you. Sure everyone who walks by isn’t going to be amazed by you, but someone will. Someone who understands your style. And they WILL LOVE YOU for BEING YOU. So go ahead, do it your own way.
  5. Get your game face on ! Smile, be confident, talk to the brides about them! It’s not about you! First question I always ask obviously, is do you have a photographer. If the answer is no i then proceed to ask more questions. A few questions I actually love to ask: “How did you meet your fiance? Can I see your ring? Are you so excited to get married?” Sure these questions aren’t rocket science, but I’m not a scientist, I’m a wedding photographer.  😀
  6. Go at the Beginning of the Year. (that’s when all the proposals happen & people are newly engaged and BRIDES ARE ON THE HUNT)
  7. Weekends will have a better Show Up of brides. Skip the weeknight Shows.
  8. Incorporate Your Social Media and Encourage people to Like your Facebook or Instagram Page! It’s a win win! You can get to know your brides better and both parties can keep up with one another.
  9. Be prepared. Have enough pens. Have enough forms. Enough Business Cards, ect. I don’t have my prices laying out for everyone to see, that’s not how I do things. YET, I do keep a couple of price sheets behind the table. Usually two or three people will inquire and really want to know if they can book with you. Better to have a pamphlet or two, than not.
  10. Go Big or Go Home. Are you in it to win it? Cool, I thought so. Like I said before, your probably paying a pretty penny so let’s make this worth your while. I like to get crazy and tell everyone if they book a wedding with me, they will receive free engagements because we met at the Bridal Show. It’s a great incentive to have them get excited & interested.

Here a few photos from my second go round & set up! Be inspired!





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